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Sweet E | Newton Mooresville NC Childrens Photographer

I have been taking pictures of little E since he was just a bump in his momma’s belly.  I can’t believe he is over one now!  We had a beautiful day in the park for some Easter pictures, and E was so cooperative and happy, he cracked me up when he threw all the eggs out of his Easter basket! I think he’s a future pitcher.   Enjoy your sneak peek Kellie……

I couldn’t decide which of these two I liked better, so you get to see them both:)

So glad we didn’t give up on the wall, I love these!
Kellie Allie

I'm up at 5:30 looking at these because I couldn't wait and I knew you would have them here when I woke up. He's precious! These are great! Love the way he looks so polished in his lil hat pictures and sloppy cute in the tie pictures!!!! Cannot wait to see the rest of them!


Wendy, I'm Kellie's cousin, Keysha, from TN. I always love looking at your pics. I'm glad you didn't give up the wall either. "Rustic/urban" pics are my new craze and I love how something so run down and beat up can look so beautiful and sophisticated in pictures like these. "E" certainly is a handsome man and growing way too fast.


Thanks Keysha! I love rustic and urban too, and that wall was perfect.
I am glad you like them Kellie!


Granma and Grandpa think they are wonderful Such a little man.Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I heart faces "Dramatic B&W" | Statesville Train Depot Photography

This week challenge is Dramatic Black and Whites.  The rules state for it not to be an ordinary picture just converted to black and white, so I went for a high contrast, texture and border to make this picture a little more mysterious.  I love the light coming through the trees and little B is so cute, um I mean dramatic, pushing his train along the tracks. 
Take a look at everyone else’s entries and their interpretations of this weeks theme…..

Cella Bella

Awww what a sweet moment. I love the striped overalls and the details of the railroad track. Lovely photo!


Awwe – I love it!


lovely image

Robin Jones

I totally love this. Very dramatic..

Wendy Mayo

Oh Wendy, I love, love, love it! Reminds me of my boys when they were little. Thomas the Tank Engine was their favorite! Perfect exposure on this one!

Hey! I love your logo/header too!


great photo!

I heart faces "Angles" Challenge | Salisbury NC Child Photographer

This week’s challenge is about Angles!  This challenge really made me realize how many pictures I take straight on!  What a great reminder to be a little more creative.  I love this picture of L that I took on Valentines Day exactly two years from his heart surgery, I am so thankful he is doing so well, I will always cherish that sweet little “straight” smile of his.  He just melts my heart. 
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Tricia Nugen

Perfect! Great photo!


Beautiful. I love this picture!

Marla @

Marvett Smith

How cute is he! I love the angle, the light in his eyes and the processing. It's perfect!

Anita Johnson

My favorite entry so far! Great shot!

Roundy Clan

Such a great picture!


Well, that couldn't be any cuter! What a face…such a great picture.

andrea wardle

I've got one of my own that makes that same "smile"! He is so darn cute… good capture!

Emily Burnette

Heart surgery on Valentine's Day?! That's just too ironic, but I'm glad to see he's doing better! Great angle indeed :) And beautiful B&W!


He is a doll! I love boys as I have two of my own. The angle is amazing, and I love the sharpness to his eyes and how clear they are. His pose is just priceless though, so adorable!


So adorable!